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At Clear Path Accounting, we understand that each business is unique. We take the time to get to know you and your business and will customise an accounting package for whatever stage of development your business is in.

To give you an idea of how the packages can be tailored to your needs, our case studies* show how some of our clients have chosen a package and customised it according to their particular situations. Each package can be fine-tuned to ensure it meets your needs.

Once your needs have been assessed and a tailored package has been put together, we will provide you with a fixed monthly fee for the annual contract for our services, with the ability to change your requirements as needed. Our fixed monthly fees means you know what you are spending on accounting services at all times.

Package 1 – Micro Friendly

Suitable for:

Sole traders, subcontractors, and micro-businesses.

Minimum services included:

  • Software subscription management (Xero or QuickBooks Online)
  • Quarterly business activity statements (BAS)
  • Quarterly income and tax liability forecasting
  • Annual financial statements
  • Income tax return
  • Unlimited short phone queries and email support

Case Study – Cleaning Business

Linda runs a small cleaning business. At the end of one financial year she was stunned to be presented with an $11,000 tax bill. Threatening letters from the ATO started to arrive which was making her anxious. She was on a tight budget and out of her depth.

With her previous accountant, she used to hand over her papers at tax time and wait for the bill. She never received ongoing update reports about how her business was performing, so she could not plan for her year-end tax obligations.

When she came to Clear Path Accounting, we reassured her that all these problems were solvable. Linda was set up with the Micro Friendly package of services, and she added bookkeeping as an extra.

We processed all her business transactions in QuickBooks Online; we connected her bank data feeds to her accounting software; and we now estimate what her overall taxable income for the year is every quarter so she has an understanding of all her liabilities before they are due.

We made arrangements with the ATO to pay off her debt so it was manageable. She is now confident in the knowledge that her finances are under control and there will never be another nasty surprise at tax time.


Package 2 – Stability & Strength

Suitable for:

Business owners who want to feel in control of and understand their finances, with a focus on compliance.

Our most popular package.

Minimum services included:

  • Software subscription management (Xero or QuickBooks Online)
  • Monthly or quarterly business activity statements (BAS)
  • Quarterly income and tax liability forecasting
  • Quarterly tailored management reports
  • Annual financial statements
  • Income tax returns (for business and owners)
  • Annual employee and/or subcontractor payment reports
  • Fringe benefits tax return (if applicable)
  • Annual business review meeting
  • ASIC management (Australian Securities and Investment Commission)
  • Unlimited short phone queries and email support

Case Study – Clothing Retail Store

Melissa and Lisa wanted to open a clothing retail store. Clear Path Accounting was recommended by another business and we met with them during this planning phase.

We advised and set up a company business structure which suited their particular circumstances. After getting to know them and explaining our services, they decided to go with the Stability & Strength package. They added software training because they wanted to do the bookkeeping themselves, and quarterly (instead of annual) business review meetings.

We recommended the accounting software they should use (Xero) and the best point-of-sale software for their shopfront. We set up the bank feeds and trained them on how to get the most out of their new software. We now meet up with them every quarter for their business review sessions, which allow them to plan and assess the progress of their growth strategies. The Stability & Strength package gives them the support they need, allowing them to concentrate on developing a great business.


Case Study – Carpentry Business

Brett has a carpentry business with three full-time employees and six subcontractors. He was getting a lot of work but was not confident about his reporting and obligations for super or BAS, and did not know where his money was going. His costs were spiralling, his tax was late and he did not feel like he was on top of the financial side of the business.

When Brett met with Clear Path Accounting, he decided that the Stability & Strength package of services was most suitable for his situation. Over the course of getting to know each other, we decided together that adding bookkeeping, a 12-month cash flow forecast, and an annual business benchmark review (to avoid ATO scrutiny) to the package as extras would give him the support he needed.

We began by lodging all overdue tax and BAS returns. We took over the bookkeeping and processing of his wages and super. His tax liabilities are now paid on time and in full.

Brett does different sized jobs and needs to be able to manage costs for labour and other job costs. We provide him with quarterly management reports, which show how his business has improved, where his money is going, what payments to him are still owing, which ones are overdue and the average collection period. This helps him manage his cash flow.

The Stability & Strength package allows him to stay in control of his expenditure so he can expand his business knowing the money will be there to pay his costs.


Case study – Restaurant

Gino owns a busy restaurant with a staff of 15, in a mix of full time, part time and casual employment arrangements. As the restaurant became busier, Gino took on more staff, but was not aware of recent changes to Fair Work legislation. He did not know that he was not complying with this law and was vulnerable to being prosecuted. When he came to Clear Path Accounting we set his business up on the accounting program, Xero, and it was during his process that we discovered he was in breach of this law. We quickly sorted out the payroll issue but this meant that his costs had increased.

Gino decided to take out the Stability & Strength package of services going forward, and he added a pricing review and extra meetings to strategise for the next period of growth in his business. We reviewed his pricing strategy to not only safeguard his existing profits, but to ensure ongoing future business success. The regular business review meetings allow us to monitor his business performance against set targets.


Package 3 – Growth & Empowerment

Suitable for:

Small businesses who are aiming for steady growth.

This package will be fully customised to suit your needs. It may include our Stability & Strength services, PLUS other business advisory services such as:

  • Annual tax planning
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) development and monitoring
  • Break-even analysis
  • Pricing strategies
  • Other business analysis services

Case Study – Commercial Builder

Trevor’s building business went through a period of rapid growth over 12 months, with turnover increasing from $700,000 to $3 million. He won a tender for a large housing development and this required adding to staff numbers and purchasing equipment.

Rapid growth can be a time of instability as spending needs to be monitored in a way that allows continued growth. Clear Path Accounting completely reviewed the businesses’ finances and produced a 12-month cash flow forecast to avoid a crisis in liquidity, and predict growth, income, and expenditure so Trevor could time capital expenditure wisely.

A new truck was needed for this job, and the cash was in the bank, but rather than purchasing it outright, Clear Path Accounting advised Trevor that there were alternative options. This meant that there was guaranteed money in the bank to pay staff wages and other business expenses while waiting for the final payment to come through at the end of the job.

The Growth & Empowerment package of services allowed Trevor to maintain business viability during this period. He selected the monthly reporting option and added growth strategy meetings to the package as an extra. The ongoing monitoring that is part of this package means that his business will be prepared if there is continued growth or if there is less work. This information also helps to reduce the impact of any temporary business retraction.

Trevor felt more confident about taking the risk pursue the growth opportunity, knowing that his accounting services included regular planning and monitoring.


Package 4 – Self-Managed Super Fund

Suitable for:

Those families that are managing their own superannuation fund.

Minimum services included in the package:

  • Quarterly activity statements (IAS/BAS)
  • Annual financial statements
  • Member statements
  • Income tax return
  • Commissioning of annual audit report
  • Annual minutes
  • Actuary certificates (additional charge)
  • Contribution reporting
  • Pension, lump sum and commutation documentation
  • Online access to up-to-date fund reports and statements (for members and their advisers)
  • ASIC management (Australian Securities and Investment Commission)
  • Quarterly summary reports of your fund’s performance
  • Unlimited short phone queries and email support
  • Liaising with and provision of information to your financial planner
  • Expert technical advice and updates on any legislative changes


Case Study – Superannuation Fund

Tim and Monica are in their late 40s and have their own self-managed super fund. Their fund has invested in direct property (using a limited recourse borrowing arrangement); shares; term deposits; and derivatives. There are many rules and regulations that self managed super funds need to follow. Clear Path Accounting uses specialised super fund software, (BGL’s Simple Fund 360), which provides clients with up-to-date processing and member information, as well as compliant reporting.

With this Self-Managed Super Fund package, Tim and Monica can rest easy knowing that all of the necessary reports and lodgement obligations are looked after by Clear Path Accounting. They are able to log into their super fund’s reports and monitor its performance at any time, allowing them to make informed decisions during the financial year. Clear Path Accounting also gave their financial planner online access to their fund’s reports, so they too can assist Tim and Monica using real-time information.



*All names and some details in the case studies have been changed for privacy reasons.

“We can honestly say that we highly recommend Clear Path Accounting! We have worked with them for years now and we are more than satisfied!

Most accountants can be very formal, or very dry in humour which makes it hard to approach if not talking numbers.

Suzanne and her team are a relief and a pleasure to do business with!”

-Nick, The Professional Painters

“I am really happy with the service provided by Suzanne and the team at Clear Path Accounting, they are always prompt in replies to my questions and needs. As a small business owner, it is important to me to have a good working relationship with my accountant. I am very confident in the advice and service that I am given, allowing me the time to get on with the working and promoting of my business.

Suzanne and the staff are so approachable and what’s most important to me is that they talk to me in language I understand, I never feel overwhelmed with unknown jargon. I cannot recommend their services enough”

-Grace, All Flowers

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